Why to become a surrogate mother in Canada?

The motivations for a woman to become a surrogate mother in Canada can be endless (being a reference for her family or her community, loving to be pregnant, wanting to give the parenthood gift to another family, etc.). Whatever reasons or motivations you have that have inspired you to consider becoming a surrogate, know that you’re already an extraordinary woman!

Becoming a surrogate mother is an unbelievable act of kindness and generosity. As a potential surrogate you have the chance to create a miracle for some intended parents who are unable to conceive. It’s a unique way to give the most precious gift, the gift of parenthood to others. Your generosity and kindness will manifest itself throughout your life, knowing what a difference you have made in someone else’s life.

How to become a surrogate mother in Canada?

Whatever your motivations for becoming a surrogate mother are, before getting started, you must thoughtfully think whether surrogacy is right for you.

Becoming a surrogate mother is a life changing experience and you need to fully commit with the journey, consider all possible advantages and disadvantages, responsibilities and legalities of becoming a surrogate, so that you know you are truly ready.

This guide will explain what is the process for being a surrogate mother in Canada, to help you decide if you are ready to begin the surrogacy process.

  • Create your surrogacy plan: this is the first phase of your surrogacy path because you need to determine in advance your expectations, requirements, needs and desires. Some important decisions you need to make in this step are:
    • Type of surrogacy you are interested: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy
    • Decide if you want to work with a surrogacy agency or you prefer to pursue an independent surrogacy journey.
    • Types of intended parents you wish to help (straight couples, same sex couples, single parents) .
  • Find intended parents in Canada. Once you have created your surrogacy plan, you are ready to start your research and connect with hopeful intended parents.
  • Meet the intended parents . Before matching it´s really important you can get to know each other in person (or e-meeting via skype if you are willing to help international intended parents). Take your time, ask tons of questions and be as honest and transparent as possible. This provides you the opportunity to get to know the intended parents better and be sure that they share your motivations and goals. It´s important you both are on the same page. This is one of the most important steps in your surrogacy journey, its important you have a connection with your potential intended parents.
  • Pass a psychological assessment . You need to meet with a psychologist/ social worker to ensure you are emotionally prepared for the surrogacy journey and understand the challenges of the process.
  • Complete medical evaluation . The next step is to undergo a full medical screening (including blood and urine test, physical and pap smear, vaginal ultrasound and more) to ensure that you are healthy and can carry a baby.
  • Draft and sign the surrogacy agreement . Surrogacy laws are different in each region and the legal process can be complicated, so you must work with a reputable family lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. You must have own legal advice during this process. When both parties (the intended parents and you) agree with the contract, it can be signed and you will be ready for the next stage of the surrogacy process: the IVF process and the embryo transfer!
  • Medical process : After signing legal contracts with the IPs you normally begin to get medications that are planned according to your cycle calendar. The IVF process and embryo transfer is done at a reputable fertility clinic under the supervision of a licensed reproductive endocrinologist.
  • Welcome the baby . After confirmation of the pregnancy, you will receive prenatal care, during the first weeks (until the heartbeat is heard) you will be asked to make frequent visits to the fertility clinic to receive regular blood tests and ultrasounds, and afterwards you will be transferred to your own obstetrician or midwife as you did with your previous pregnancies. Before the birth, intended parent´s lawyer will get in contact with the hospital to ensure they know who you are and why you are there. When it is time for the baby to be born, the IPs will join you at the hospital, and you can all celebrate this thrilling moment.

Surrogacy is a generous and fulfilling journey for intended parents and surrogate mothers. This rewarding journey relies upon communication, respect and trust for everyone involved and it can be the beginning to a lifelong relationship. Do you want to become a surrogate mother in Canada?

What are the requirements to become a surrogate mother in Canada?

Surrogate mother requirements can change, but normally most intended parents and fertility clinics in Canada require surrogates to meet the following general qualifications:

  • Be between the ages of 21-45.
  • Have carried and delivered at least one child and maintain custody of that child.
  • Have had pregnancies that were all free of complications and were full-term.
  • Live in a clean and stable home environment.
  • Be in good physical and mental health.
  • Must not smoke or take any illegal substances or medications that have not been prescribed for her.
  • No criminal history.
  • Have a positive support system to help her through the surrogacy.
  • Be willing to undergo a Physical exam and Psychological assessment.
  • Be willing to have repeated blood work and to take IVF injectable medication.

I want to become a surrogate mother in Canada, now What?

Whether you are still considering becoming a surrogate in Canada or you are already committed with the process and you are looking for intended parents, join our community and have the opportunity to chat with other in your situation and meet prospective intended parents who are looking to create a family. This is a family connection that could last a lifetime.

Also you can interact with other surrogate mothers; chatting, sharing your experience or asking for advice.

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