Surrogacy in Alberta

Surrogacy in Alberta

If you wish to become parents through Surrogacy or you want to become a surrogate mother in Alberta you should know that Surrogacy in Alberta is legal.

Some facts about surrogacy in Alberta:

  • Same sex couples are treated the equally as heterosexual couples in Alberta when it comes to third party reproduction regulation;
  • Declarations are simple to obtain as long as one of the intended parents is genetically related to the baby, so if one of the intended parents has a genetic link to the baby being born, they can be recognized as parents of the child on the birth certificate;
  • If the intended parents are not genetically linked to the baby then adoption is required;
  • The process is fast and the declaration of parentage ready in less than one week;
  • There are 3 Judges assigned to deal with Surrogacy process that means that the Intended Parents can get the Birth Certificate within about 7 days.
Surrogate Mom in Alberta
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Alberta Courts routinely grant Parentage Applications in the case of genetic, egg donor and sperm donor surrogacies. This means that only the intended parents, not the surrogate or her husband, will be the parents of a child born as a result of assisted reproduction or named on the baby’s birth certificate.

Whether you want to find surrogate mother in Alberta or you are considering become a surrogate, it is strongly recommended that intended parents and surrogates look for guidance and legal counsel well in advance they start the surrogacy journey.

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