An alternative for intended parents who cannot create a family on their own and a rewarding opportunity for women who want to change the lives of those who cannot have a baby

Surrogacy in Canada

About Surrogacy in Canada


— Since 2004

The assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA) permits surrogacy but a surrogate may only be reimbursed for her reasonable expenses incurred as a result of th surrogacy


— IPs and Surrogates

Married and un-married couples of any sexuality and single men and women can pursue surrogacy in Canada. Being a surrogate mother in Canada is altruistic nad surrogates are looking to match with intended parents that meet their ideals, personalities and lifestiles


— Court Order

Depending on the province in which your baby is born the intended parents can obtain parentaje orders without the need of a hearing


— Canadian Citizenship

Children born through a surrogacy agreement in Canada will automatically be Canadian citizens and entitle to get a Canadian passport. 


— Birth Certificate

Depending on the province the baby is born, more than to parents can be named in the the Birth Certificate. In Ontario up to 4 parents can appear while in British Columbia up to 5 parents can be named in the Birth Certificate

— Surrogacy Cost

It’s is difficul to determine as IVF is not a perfect science and intended parents will reimburse for most reasonable expenses incurred as a result fo the surrogacy which varies depending on specific circustances of the surrgate

Impact Stories


I feel incredible blessed to have been able to star this remarkable journey. Giving the gift of life to a couple is one of the most amazing things I have ever done.


I love being pregnant and have always wanted to help others start a family.

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